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Frequently Asked Questions

The art (and science) of landscape lighting is unfortunately lost on many businesses that provide lighting “on the side”. These businesses appear to think outdoor lighting is simply about evenly spacing fixtures. Experts in lighting design understand that nothing could be further from the truth.

Lighting is all about the effect. And the effect is all about the light source and appropriate light
color temperature. To assure true color and therefore the desired effects, we specify
revolutionary new LED light sources. Our high-quality fixtures are designed to accommodate the
appropriate light sources. They are extremely durable, manufactured with corrosion-resistant
materials such as brass, copper and stainless steel and not only are they made to last they are
guaranteed to do so with a Lifetime Warranty!

What’s the difference between your services & the big box stores?2020-09-04T15:57:21+00:00

Everything! From our lifetime warranted fixtures and transformers to our lighting designs and
installation standards, our services are unparalleled.

Why should I buy from you?2020-09-04T15:57:00+00:00

Delta Outdoor Lighting only installs top of the line products at a very competitive price. We are
locally owned and have been apart of the central Texas community since 1994. We Stand
Behind our Work!

What type of warranty do your systems carry?2020-09-04T15:56:43+00:00

Our state of the art systems carry a one year workmanship warranty. LED bulbs are warranted
for one year as well. Our brass, copper and stainless steel fixtures carry a LIFETIME

Will adding these lights use up a lot of energy?2020-09-04T15:56:27+00:00

We only install low voltage lighting systems with the latest LED technologies. They are very
efficient and use up to 85% less electricity than line voltage systems and older 12-volt, halogen
based systems.

What type of fixtures do you use?2020-09-04T15:56:09+00:00

We install the highest quality brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel fixtures with particular
attention paid to using the right fixture for the correct purpose.

How are the lighting systems controlled?2020-09-04T15:55:48+00:00

There are several options for controlling the operation of your lighting system. The simplest is
the use of a photocell which is designed to turn on at dark and turn off at the time you
designate. Digital Timers, Smartphone Apps and Integration with home automation are other

What happens when my LED bulbs burn out or the entire system does not come on?2020-09-04T15:57:56+00:00

Just call or email us and we will be out to your property to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Our service professionals will replace all burned out lamps for the first year at no cost, as well as
troubleshoot any system failures. Oftentimes system failures can be as simple as resetting GFCI
outlets or breakers.

Will the installation damage our landscaping?2020-09-04T15:54:49+00:00

Our professional installers take great care to ensure the installation is as minimally invasive as
possible. We hand trench and don’t use trenching machines. Most cuts in the lawn are gone in
1-2 weeks. We take care to not trample your landscape or damage your irrigation and other
systems. If we happen to damage anything in the process of the installation we will repair it at
no cost to you.

How long will the installation take?2020-09-04T15:54:00+00:00

There are many factors that affect the duration of an installation (number of fixtures, length of
cable runs, installation obstacles, etc.) Most residential installations take 1-2 days while larger
commercial installations can take from 1 day to several weeks.

When can you start?2020-09-04T15:53:36+00:00

Once the design is complete and to your satisfaction we can typically get your installation
started in 8-10 days.

Do you give free estimates?2020-09-04T15:53:15+00:00

Absolutely! Our experienced designers and lighting experts will meet you at your property to
discuss a custom design based on your needs. We will show you the products we use and walk
through each detail while considering your goals and objectives. We always provide a free

Client Testimonials

Working with Mark and his team from beginning to end of the project was a great experience. We used him for our outdoor residential lights. A true professional who knows his business, listens to customers, and is able to provide a great solution in a timely manner and at affordable cost.

Yves S.
Austin, TX

I own Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery in Cedar Park, Tx. I used Delta Outdoor Lighting to accent a very large outdoor retail space. Couldn’t have been more pleased. I have recommended Delta to several of my clients.

Steve K.
Cedar Park, TX

Some of the Illuminating Outdoor Lighting Possibilities

Working closely with our clients, we incorporate their specific lighting goals and budgets into our lighting designs. As each property is unique, so are the landscape lighting designs we create. Our experienced designers are specialists in creative lighting design.


Meet Our Team

Our lighting designers and maintenance personnel are committed to providing maintenance services for all our systems so they will continue to operate as originally installed.

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